Lessons In Identity Work and Reality Creation

Lessons In Identity Work and Reality Creation

The intention of this playlist is to offer you several ways of understanding the process of leaving the old reality and creating a new one. This series will offer explanations for each part of the book in an easy format, longer than what you find on my social media accounts but shorter than a webinar. If you have questions that you'd like me to talk about, please send them in! I will add the video just for you if it fits this playlist or create a new playlist in your honor :)

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Lessons In Identity Work and Reality Creation
  • You did the work but the problem repeats: applying new insight to the old world

    Trust the unfolding of your new reality from the inside out and let go of the idea that what you want is still being held hostage by your "old obstacle."

  • New Reality Old Trigger. Notice the "Exposed Wire Feeling" and don't back away

    At first, it may look like nothing is changing and that the same obstacles, breakdowns, and disappointments haunt you. This is the time to practice not biting the bate of your old trigger by noticing the "exposed wire" feeling. Instead of running away, you stay right where you are watching for th...

  • Identity Work. Failing where you should have succeeded

    One of the harder parts of transformation is admitting failure where you did EVERYTHING right. The old reality was set up on a flawed foundation. It is something we work really hard to overcome or compensate for. And sometimes we do everything right. We also suffer, sacrifice, and make compromise...

  • I Am In Oneness, Now What?

    There is a moment in the inquiry journey when you get to see an island of clarity. But outside that small island, as soon as you start even thinking about the world or venturing out into it, there are triggers and anxiety. When we are in that small space of connection to oneness, no real ideas oc...

  • When Ease Feels Like You Can't Trust It and Other Things to Expect

    When you have entered into a space in your awareness where you clearly see a connection to oneness you may feel uneasy about how easy it actually feels. You will want to have more to do, more to "hold on to", as the old reality is real -- doh!-- ts still very much active, you know how to operate ...

  • No solution to the old box. Stop it.

    In lesson I talk about the part of the journey when, having seen the truth, the new possibility, you find yourself in the old anxieties again. Most people who go through this expect that there will be a moment where the old world will seem unappealing and it will be easy not to go there. This mom...

  • IdentityWorkInquiry.mp3

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    This is a full-length Identity Work Inquiry. Feel free to download and share it with friends who may need it. The recording was made with thinking about time, so pausing the recording may be necessary for you to allow yourself more time to think.